This Is Your Brain On Adventure

Thought Catalog

They gave me this drug once. It was called “adventure”. It was injected, a bite, into my brain and filled every cortex, every lobe, every bit of matter. It choked me. It changed me.

This is your brain on adventure. This is your brain when you’re lost in the world.

There’s no seeing the sunrise.

You smell the sunrise. It brings you back to life like a blade of grass woken by the morning dew. Your insides are stroked by the gentle graze of air when you open your arms wide to hug the world’s intangible breath. And you do hold it, the Earth’s elusive exhale, when you close your eyes on top of a peak and let the wind blow you away. Whether an old relic becomes shiny and new again because you see it for the first time or whether your mind is lost in the sunset playing…

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